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You put a lot of thought into getting your living room just right and choosing the perfect Samsung QLED TV. So you don’t want to ruin it with messy cables. That’s why we’ve created a clean and simple way to mount your TV and keep cables out of the way with Samsung One Invisible Connection, No Gap Wall-mount, and One Connect Box.

Complete your QLED TV setup

One Invisible Connection is a single wall-mounted TV cable that carries A/V and power from your TV to the Samsung QLED One Connect Box. 
The nearly invisible TV cable is just 3.4mm in diameter and up to 15m long.* It’s specially designed to easily attach to a Samsung TV wall mount, like No Gap Wall-mount. 
So now, instead of having a big black screen in the middle of your room, or sticking out from the wall, your TV stays beautifully flush with the wall.† And on the other end of One Invisible Connection the One Connect Box keeps things neat and tidy by letting you plug in all your external devices in one place.

Clean up your living room with style

Now your TV fits in seamlessly with your décor, with One Invisible Connection decluttering your space and the wall. Plus you have the freedom to mount your TV anywhere (and in less time). 
And whether you have a Blu-ray player or video game consoles, you can keep your devices out of sight. For a minimalist look that everyone will appreciate. 
Samsung’s One Invisible Connection means your TV setup won’t mess up your design scheme, it’ll enhance it. Simply mount and attach, and enjoy viewing your QLED TV in your stylish living room.

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