Write, collaborate and participate using the enhanced Samsung MagicIWB 

Transform a traditional presentation into a dynamic educational or business experience with Samsung MagicIWB™ (Interactive White Board). MagicIWB, with optional touchscreen technology, delivers highly readable, Full-High-Definition (FHD) quality presentations that command viewer attention and hold it with direct access to rich content.
To further enhance corporate presentations and encourage collaboration in meetings, the solution provides on-screen writing, video and image capture capabilities, as well as supporting a wide range of file formats.

MagicIWB offers robust features and benefits for high-impact presentations that encourage collaboration and interaction. Features include the ability to view content over multiple displays or enable multiple people to manipulate the screen for dynamic interaction.
Users can send and receive messages from other devices and write directly on the e-Board. They can even insert simple memos directly on Microsoft®Word, Excel®or PowerPoint®documents.

  • Project productive, distraction-free presentations

Keep the focus on the presentation, not the equipment delivering it. Samsung Smart Signage and MagicIWB provide attention-getting presentations without distracting the audience like noisy and distracting projectors. Viewers enjoy high-quality clear images without blur or glare and in a fully lighted room for easy note taking.

  • Empower interactivity between presenters and attendees

Connect presenters' and attendees' devices to encourage interactive communication with MagicIWB Manager software. Easily share files and other materials with audience devices or between e-Boards. Simply install Samsung MagicIWB Agent program on participants' devices and the facility's wired and wireless networks. Sharing is even possible when the devices are in separate locations, for efficient communication with those participants that cannot be physically present. Presenters can also control attendees' devices during sessions to further enhance the presentation.

  • Deliver dynamic content

Enable presenters to deliver rich content in an impressive way that encourages participant interaction when using MagicIWB software. Users can benefit from more accurate presentations with the intuitive touchscreen and Touch Pen. Presentations can be enhanced with a variety of content using PowerPoint, images, videos and Adobe Flash®animations for a more dynamic presentation. The whiteboard can also be used as a notebook device or for drawing functions using an assortment of pen styles and colors for added functionality.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity with timesaving features

Enable cross-functionality with PDF files and Microsoft Office applications with MagicIWB. Presenters and attendees can easily write and save notes in these files without importing or transcribing them, for more efficient note taking. Presenters can open or share the files on the displays while presenting, writing notes or saving the files without the extra steps for file conversions, facilitating a smoother presentation